Dead End City PS5™

Dead End City PS5™


Languages : English
Quantity : Unlimited copies
Genre : Action Shooter

Dead End City PS5™ © 2024.
Published By Red Art Games.
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Dead End City PS5™
  • Dead End City PS5™
  • Dead End City PS5™
  • Dead End City PS5™
  • Dead End City PS5™
  • Dead End City PS5™
  • Dead End City PS5™
  • Dead End City PS5™
  • Dead End City PS5™
  • Dead End City PS5™
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Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition has been created with players who love to get a little something extra with their games in mind. Every Deluxe Edition title features a wraparound box sleeve as well as at least one physical bonus (poster, keychain, acrylic stand, etc.). While Standard Edition games are available everywhere (link below), Deluxe Edition games are only available from Red Art Games’ official online shop.

Click here to check out our beautiful Deluxe Edition for PlayStation©5 and Nintendo Switch™!

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is for those who want the game and just the game. No sleeve, no bonus.

If you missed out on our Deluxe Edition, or if you don't want physical goodies, you can still pick up a Standard copy here for PlayStation©5 and Nintendo Switch™!


Production 50%

Expected Release Date: Q4 2024

A post-apocalyptic arcade shooter. Collect fuel and dodge enemy fire as you fight back against the evil Scorpio gang. Mixes cars, shmups and themes that would have been right at home in 80's anime and arcades.

Here's what is included in our Standard Edition:

  • The full game
  • 3 postcards for the next roadtrip!

Here's what is included in our Deluxe Edition:

  • The full game with an exclusive sleeve
  • A double-sided poster for the road
  • A keychain for your Chariot

Civilization has fallen and the few remaining survivors are now the playthings of a gang of post-apocalyptic punks called Scorpio. Your little slice of heaven was raided and your loved ones carried off to Scorpio's main stronghold. With nothing left to lose, you head out onto the open road, armed to the teeth and ready to fight through their territory to bring an end to their reign.

You drive a heavily armed car (called a Chariot) into the wastelands. Fuel is always draining away, so be careful to collect as much as you can or your journey will come to abrupt end. Relive the thrill of 90's arcade shooters!

Sub Weapons

Collect ammo to unleash your sub weapon and tear through enemies, spawn pickup items and build your score.

Score Attack Mode

Practice playing each territory to hone your skills and your score.

Topoff mode

Collect enough fuel to overfill your tank and your normal shot powers up. Hitting enemies during Topoff builds your score multiplier.

Arcade Mode

5 areas to conquer. Each area includes a road section, a stronghold and a boss.


Each play earns Shop Points that can be used to unlock extras.

You can also find the standard Edition on our Amazon Store