The last months of the year, at the end of the millennium.

American tourist George Stobbart is thrilled to be in Paris. Sitting outside a charming café, enjoying a café au lait, George is startled by a clown who drops his accordion on a bar stool.

Moments later there is a massive blast and the café is destroyed. George narrowly escapes serious injury. Determined to discover the motives of the deadly clown and bring him to justice, George teams up with Parisian photo-journalist Nico Collard. Soon, they find themselves being drawn into a gripping adventure.

Ratatan is diving onto the roguelike scene in this combination of rhythm and side-scroller action. Players can move to the groove alone or team up with friends in multiplayer mayhem suitable for up to four players!  Engage in huge melee brawls with more than 100 characters duking it out for supremacy. Defeat your enemies by riding the rhythm of Ratatan's catchy, toe-tapping soundtrack in this delightful, heartfelt adventure!

Every decade, the Mka tribe sends caravans of adventurers into the Phithi, the meteorological chaos that keeps the Uwando tribes isolated from each other and makes life outside the refuges almost impossible.

Their mission: to establish diplomatic and trade relations, to explore and reclaim the lands left to the mercy of monsters and pirates, and, most importantly, to plant a new tree-city that can become a refuge for the Mka and their allies. Regardless of the success or failure of their mission, the caravans must send the memories they have gained back to the capital, using the crystospheres carried by homing scarabs.