Revita Nintendo Switch™

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Revita Nintendo Switch™


Languages : English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese
Quantity : Unlimited copies
Genre : Roguelike Shooter

Revita Nintendo Switch™ © 2024.
Published By Red Art Games.
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Revita Nintendo Switch™
  • Revita Nintendo Switch™
  • Revita Nintendo Switch™
  • Revita Nintendo Switch™
  • Revita Nintendo Switch™
  • Revita Nintendo Switch™
  • Revita Nintendo Switch™
  • Revita Nintendo Switch™
  • Revita Nintendo Switch™
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Defeat, Heal, Sacrifice!

Exchange health for power in fast paced glass cannon gameplay. Find the right balance of attack and defense as you try, die, repeat and progress up the tower.

Unique Runs

Battle through an almost infinite variety of combat encounters in procedurally generated rooms.

Unique Powers

Twin stick shooting, dashing and wall sliding are just the beginning - find power-ups and items on each run and upgrade your arsenal

Tweak Your Game

An extensive set of options lets you tweak Revita to your playstyle - slow down time, set an outline colour for enemies to make them easier to track or choose the level of aim assist that feels right for you.

Discover a Mysterious World

Explore an underground subway line infested with monsters and filled with colourful characters who will help you on your journey. Travelling from station to station where elevators take you towards the heights of an ever changing clocktower.

Reclaim Your Lost Memory

A nameless child with no memories awakens in the metro with only a vague sense of purpose and desire to reach the distant clocktower, hoping to find answers at the top. On the way they will discover a melancholic world filled with masked characters, monsters and perhaps the answers that the child seeks.

The Deluxe Edition has been created with players who love to get a little something extra with their games in mind. Every Deluxe Edition title features a wraparound box sleeve as well as at least one physical bonus (poster, keychain, acrylic stand, etc.). While Standard Edition games are available everywhere (link below), Deluxe Edition games are only available from Red Art Games’ official online shop.

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