LUCKY BOX - Nintendo Switch

LUCKY BOX - Nintendo Switch


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Quantity : 500 copies
Genre : ALL

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LUCKY BOX - Nintendo Switch
  • LUCKY BOX - Nintendo Switch
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Expected Shipping Date: NEXT WEEK!

Get your very own lucky box featuring a limited edition of an officially licensed Nintendo Switch game.

Our lucky box only includes games you may have missed that are now sold out. What's more, some of these games normally sell at a much higher price. Go ahead and try your luck! 

Note: these are not extra copies, but copies from cancelled orders or originally intended for promotion. This item is limited to 10 per customer!

Eligible Nintendo Switch games with chances available:  

DIAMOND_________________ 4%

My Memory of Us, Old man's Journey

SILVER_________________ 35%

Double Kick Hero, Hardcore Mecha, Kholat

GOLD_____________________ 15%

Candleman, Riddled Corps Ex, Sturmfront -
The Mutant War: Übel Edition

BRONZE_________________ 47%

Eternum Ex, Unto the End, Legend of The Skyfish

We have done our absolute best to minimize the chance that you will receive a duplicate game if you order multiples.
However, please note that ordering lucky boxes in separate orders may result in duplicates since they will be prepared and shipped individually.

Due to the random nature of these items, no returns or exchanges are accepted, all sales are final. We cannot accept requests for specific titles as we do not know what each lucky box contains.