Die With Glory PS4

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Please note that the game is limited to 3 copies per customer.

Die With Glory is an old-school adventure game with hand-drawn lovely visuals. Players have to guide Sigurd through multiple levels of beautifully illustrated landscapes, epic adventures, complex challenges, big battles, and witty dialogue with characters to find the right foe that can provide that perfect glorious and ultimate defeat. This game is best suited for fans of old-fashioned point-n-click adventure games, enjoyers of accessible adventure games with low requirements to gaming skills and casual gamers who are just getting started to play any kind of video games.


- Siege and defend castles

- Surf the lava river

- Raise the Army of the Dead

- Befriend a vegetarian time-traveling dragon (or don’t)

- Fall in love with a valkyrie (she’s ginger)

- Partake in a massive battle between flying fleets

- Travel through time

- Sacrifice and betrayal, sarcasm and deadly seriousness! Also, goats

- Discover other game, film and literature references throughout the game

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