Iro Hero

Eastasiasoft Limited - December 17th
Iro Hero
Iro Hero is a vertical shoot ’em up with beautiful pixel art graphics inspired by many old-school classics. Staged across 9 action-packed levels, Iro Hero features a unique and fresh approach to the popular color polarity mechanic, with interactive level elements, color zones, reflective surfaces and much more.

Encounter 10 different types of enemies with over a hundred different behaviors, and defeat 10 final bosses in the vein of classic arcade games. Unlock special skills throughout the game to help you land a final blow or escape from desperate situations.

- A four-color polarity system, emphasizing risk vs reward gameplay where you charge up your powers in matching colors.
- Discover an exciting story that takes place across 9 action-packed levels.
- Encounter 10 different types of enemies with more than one hundred different behaviors.
- Defeat 10 final bosses in the vein of classic arcades.
- Unlock special skills, offering many creative and strategic options.
- Play four exciting game modes offering varying degrees of difficulty.
- Acquire upgrades to increase the firepower and capabilities of your spaceship.
- Rise to the top of the online leaderboards.