They Always Run Switch + bonus (PRE-ORDER)

- September 9, 2022
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During the pre-orders, for any purchase of the Standard Editions and the Collector's Editions a bonus (acrylic stand) will be included in your order! 

They Always Run is a unique 2D platformer with a space western setting where danger lurks around every corner. Players take on the role of Aidan, a three-armed mutant who travels the galaxy in his ship in pursuit of dangerous criminals.

Gameplay-wise, They Always Run is a story-driven singleplayer adventure in Katana Zero style. In the course of his adventures, Aidan must take on missions big and small, as well as earn money to buy various upgrades available on space stations. The combat system involves lots of different attacks, counters, and weapons. And, seeing as Aidan is a three-armed mutant, he can also use his third arm in combat. It was important to us to make sure that the third arm wasn't just another button to press to activate an ability – we wanted to give players full control over it.

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